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Legal on the Mystic Legal on the Mystic was built to have a broad appeal and meld traditional with contemporary. See All Our Restaurants. Muse Paintbar Looking for a different night out? See Our Entertainment. Amenities Find a wide range of conveniences. Trader Joe's Trader Joe's gives customers the best food and beverage values that they can find anywhere. See All Our Amenities. Break a sweat or a lot of sweat. Our 5-in-1 fitness studio and a juice bar lets you go from boxing to cycling to pilates and everything in between without even leaving the building.

See Our Events. Girl's Night Out at Saks Off 5th. The Row Hotel at assembly row.

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Looking for premier office space? Offices at Assembly. They encourage open and honest communication among the generations. Did you have them in your family there, Fras? No, I lucked out. My family didn't want to be close. If you're lying to me, I'm gonna rip out your slimy, gray tongue. Sounds kind of serious. It's my mother. Well, what's the matter with her? She had the dream. What dream's that? The death dream. Whenever someone in my family has it, you can just start divvying up the jewelry. Carry on. Well, the dream is always the same. There's a casket on a slab in an empty room. You walk slowly toward it.

Suddenly, the lid flies open.

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You see your own face? No, you see these feet, 'cause you're looking at the wrong end. Then, you look upward, and there's your own face, pale and bluish with pennies over your eyes. And that's when you bolt up in bed screaming. FRASIER: Carla, death is an earthly scientific passage predicted by either massive physical injury or progressive bodily deterioration. Frasier, it's time to go.

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Why-Why don't you take the day off, go see your mom, huh? Might I remind you, Sam-- my mother and I don't exactly get along. You don't get along with anybody. Yeah, well, this is different, and shut up!

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The last time I saw my mother, we had this terrible fight about this stupid family thing, and I swore I would never set foot in her lousy place again unless someone dragged me there kicking and screaming. So, that's it, huh? You're damned right. Do it. Drag me. Cut it out! I don't want to go! I never want to see that shriveled old bag again! Put me down!

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Oh, Carla, Carla! Oh, nobody would believe you would come! Oh, your sister is in there with your mother now, and you go next, yes? Oh, she will be so happy to see you.

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Oh, Sam! MAN: You guys want a beer? This is kind of a solemn occasion, Sal. Malt liquor? I'll pass. So, Zia, how's Mom? Carla, what kind of question is that? So, she's really sick, huh? She doesn't have to be sick. Oh She'll be dead soon. Have you had lunch? Uh, actually, yeah, I did. Oh, then this is dinner. Oh, hey, thanks, Zia. Eat up, Sam. Our family believes in, life is for the living.

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Great linguini. Thank you, Zia. Oh, Carla, your sister's finished. Oh, it's nice to see them talking. No, Mama. It's Carla. My purse is on the dresser. Mama, I didn't come here for your money.

I came because I feel bad things got so ugly between us the last time I was here. So, you've come to say you're sorry. Well, I'm sorry we fought. Then you're sorry.

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I accept your apology. I accept your apology, too. I didn't say I was sorry. Well, then, I'm not sorry, either. Too late. I already accepted your apology. So, here now that we've made peace, I want you to have the ring that my mother gave to me, and her mother gave to her.

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Oh, Mama.