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Let me know if you have any other questions!! How may I get it?

I love class dojo! I use it all day. At the end of every week I look to see how many points they have and they can cash them into our class store. Our class store has tickets- 10 dojo points is a piece of candy, 20 points is a treasure chest item, 30 is 10 min on teacher iPad or show and tell, etc. I downloaded your chart for my friends that need that visual preogresstion when making good decisions!

Thank you! At the 50 point mark the students get to change their monster. At points they get a monster duckie.

Making Class Dojo Manageable: The Dojo Tracker

There are four different colored monsters in each pack. My kindergarteners love them! Thank you so much for this resource!!! I am so excited to try these with my 1st and 2nd graders. I received these in my inbox instantly and they were s quick to download! The coupons are a great bonus!! Thank you!!! I have 2nd graders, and I reward them weekly. I like this idea of a tracker. It could be for a big reward at the end.

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I will be trying this out very soon. Thanks for the idea! This is a great idea! I was just wondering when do you reset your points? What do you do in this instance? I always tell the kids that I can see their total — which we can see the total points without resets. I have used Class Dojo for a few years now, but I absolutely love this point tracker! I know points are kept track of on the tracker, so how often do you reset points on Dojo?

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So excited! Just a quick note: when I used this with 3rd grade, at the end of every marking period, the top 3 got a trip to the treasure box. This is WAY better. I was introduced to dojo last year, but never got started. Do you tell them individually or do you have a quiet symbol?

Also, love your coupons. Do you have them to share or to buy somewhere? I reset points each week! Love it. Have you made one yet?

Hassle-Free Class Store

Hi, Mandy! It is going SO well — Dojo can be hard to keep track of, so am keeping the points super simple. This has helped me tremendously because it is not only more concrete for them but it saves me from carrying an iPad everywhere I go!! Definitely increases the accountability. Do you have your points displayed at any other point during the day besides the end?

When you click on the reports section for a class, it takes you to a pie chart showing where the points have been awarded for the whole class. You can then click on a student and see what they have been individually awarded — for example, they may have been awarded a point for team work. In our Opening Minds year 7 curriculum, instead of levels in ClassDojo we work on learning, leadership and life points. When a student does something related to one of those aspects, for example they're wearing the correct uniform, bringing the right books and do the right 'stuff' in lessons, they're awarded a 'life' point.

At the same time as giving positive points, negative points can also be used. These can be a source of discussion within a class to allow students to understand what it is that has resulted in them losing a 'learning' point for example, not completing homework. Students can then come up with a solution that may allow them to gain a positive point.

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I found it very easy to set up — operating my iPad was the main challenge for me! When I first got ClassDojo, I found it easier to start using the programme on a laptop so I could learn how to navigate around the site. When setting up my own 'points' it took about 10 minutes to enter all of the drama group work levels from a 3c to a 7a. To set up a class, I spent about five minutes entering the list of names — the students do the rest with regards to sorting out their avatar.

To enable parents and students to log on, a printout with details on can be printed and handed straight to them — no typing up for the teacher. The initial set-up can be time-consuming, especially if you want to use it with lots of different classes. At first, I wanted to experiment so used it with one class, then I fed it out to the others.

Tell us about it by tweeting guardianteach or emailing teacher. What is it? Where can I find it? How much does it cost? Free The pros? Who should use it?

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How I use it When teaching drama to year 8, I walk around the studio giving them an instant level on my iPad. Other uses… In our Opening Minds year 7 curriculum, instead of levels in ClassDojo we work on learning, leadership and life points. How easy is it to use? The only downsides is… The initial set-up can be time-consuming, especially if you want to use it with lots of different classes.

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