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Web browser based cookies allow us to customize our site for you, save items in your cart, and provide you with a great experience when shopping OpticsPlanet. Your privacy is important to us, and any personal information you supply to us is kept strictly confidential. If you cannot enable cookies in your browser, please contact us — we are always here to help! Unfortunately we are unable to offer our excellent shopping experience without JavaScript. Please add " opticsplanet. Write a Review. Compare 0. Remove All. Subscribe to Our Email List. Ready to checkout? PROS I think the biggest thing I learned with the radar was that trying to kill the ball is actually a total waste of time.

It actually tightens you up and lowers your swing speed! Mentally you feel like you are swinging harder but in reality you are swinging slower. In taking this to the range I can gauge based on the distance and height where I am hitting the ball on the face. For example I have two identical swing speeds with my 8 iron but on one of them the ball flight is about 15 yards farther my typical 8 iron distance.

Tells me I Add to cart. In stock. This thing works well, with the caveat that you've got to be very careful about completely protecting it. I had a goal in front of it but it got slowly driving back until one shot connected with radar and that was it. I'm pretty sure I did not suddenly develop a mph slapshot. And no, it didn't accidentally get set to kph that reads at kph! Sports Sensors Glove Radar. Only 15 left in stock more on the way.

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My daughter is a fastpitch softball pitcher and this really helps out in our practice sessions. I can give her instant feedback - no guess, nobody to hold a gun. It's pretty accurate too. I would certainly recommend it to anyone that needs to monitor pitch speed on a regular basis.

Worth it! Love this product and all the features it has! I can now easily record, watch playbacks of all my practices and share on Facebook. So cool!

Stalker Radar Promo Codes & Coupon Codes for October - Up to 15% Off

And the radar is pretty darn accurate, as I matched it up with my pricey pocket radar. I could not get it working at all and thought it was defective, so I contacted their customer service. They were very responsive and knew right away I must have been doing something wrong. After a few minutes, I had the Wifi working and connected it to my phone. They put it on a bucket behind My son and my husband like it. They put it on a bucket behind a hockey net.

Some handheld radar guns even have removable handles so that you can slide them on to an optional dashmount and get both dashmount and handheld operation out of one radar gun. There are also fixed photo radar systems which operate in tandem with a camera. The idea is when a speeding vehicle drives past, the camera takes a photo with the license plate and they mail the driver the speeding ticket in the mail. Photo radar is less common in the US, but it is very common overseas and is starting to show up more and more here Stateside as well.

Radar detectors can detect police radar much farther away than radar guns can clock traffic up ahead, so the odds are in your favor here. Radar detectors are designed to give you plenty of advanced warning so that you can double-check your speed accordingly and avoid a speeding ticket.

Well it turns out that radar jammers are highly illegal. Not only that, but radar jamming is technically challenging as well. There were a few companies that used to sell radar jammers years ago, but when radar guns became more sophisticated and the FCC started shutting down radar jammer companies, no company has bothered attempting to develop or sell radar guns anymore… for obvious reasons. Rocky Mountain Radar are basically scam artists preying on the innocent.

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When it comes to radar jamming, there are no radar jammers sold that are effective. For more information, read my complete article about police radar jammers. In addition to radar, police commonly use laser guns as well. These are completely different than radar guns.

Radar detectors provide little to no protection against laser. To combat laser, you need a good laser jammer. To learn all about laser, read my follow-up article explaining how police laser works. So now that we know all about police radar guns, how do we avoid getting tickets from them? Click here to read my affiliate disclosure. Very helpful information!

Very well written. I am a recently retired police officer of 28 yrs. There is no time measuring involved when using traffic radar. Frankly you are too knowledgable to use that term. Audio confirms the direction of the target. With their radar transmitting all the time in traffic they see a fast speed displayed and they have to very quickly decide who is speeding. Most officers who drive with their radar always transmitting very rarely have their audio on.

Neither did I. Target ID is the flaw in radar. Operated properly includes visually picking the target 1st, then measuring the speed by radar with audio on. When ANY doubt which vehicle was the target let them go — no stop! Another good use of the hold switch at night is to not let a smart criminal know you are approaching burglar…. If I can ever be any help with an officers perspective please ask. Thank you for sharing your experience and perspective!

I can understand the desire to turn it off, but I figured most officers ran with it on. I was stopped by a motorcycle cop using a Bee III radar, it was foggy that day.

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There was a fog advisory and Im fighting it in court because I think he clocked the white van in front of me. I got pulled over because my car is black. The cop orally stated his gun was calibrated but the court never showed me any calibration logs that I asked for. The cop lied that it was not foggy but I have the fog advisory print out, I was driving in the fog. He even took a picture of me in the fog with his live cam.

I was pulled over for speeding and the officer was using a raptor rp 1 through a barricade on a highway. Would it give a good reading through it? Does the raptor rp 1 give accurate readings? I was booked by Police using Raptor RP1 mobile unit I have in car camera GPS unit showing 74 kms as my speed at the time, Police claim I was travelling at 84km at night and I believe the Police mobile unit picked up traffic from a highway overpass between their vehicle and my car as the Police vehicle was approaching my vehicle from a downward sloping road approx m in front of me, also the road between my vehicle and the Police narrowed for a major highway over pass rendered walls do you think I am correct in assuming Police speed read out could be incorrect due 1.

Initially I was on the opposite-side of the over pass from Police Could these factors effect the Raptor RP1 read out accuracy? Sorry to hear about the ticket. It is possible that his radar gun measured the speed of another vehicle if it was moving in the same or opposite direction as him. I was painted by a radar gun, by a cop that was directly in front of me sitting on the side of the road, with a car directly in front of me.

All 3 of us in a straight line. I was pulled over and was told I was doing a specific speed. Is it possible for a cop to have an accurate determination of my speed when there was a car directly between the cop and myself?

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Thanks for the video.