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I live in a mobile home park with a small yard and I traded my son my gas mower for his electric mower. I really like it, it is lighter to move around and I don't notice any difference is the way it cuts the grass. Just have to get a system of how to cut so the cord don't get in the way, but with a small yard, it isn't difficult at all.

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There is very little maintenance with an electric lawn mower. Washing off the clippings from under the deck after use and periodically lubricate the wheels, that's about it. I'd like a cordless but they are pricey compared to corded. I have always only had electric mowers corded.

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The benefits are much less noise and less maintenance. The downside is that you have to watch out for not running the mower over the cable brightly colored extension cords really help with this. Electric mowers tend to be not as strong as gasoline powered ones, so don't let the grass grow too long between mowing.

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I was lucky enough not to need one for the lawn because it was enclosed by concrete walkways which allowed me to mow all around the outer edge. In many cases e. Then you'll need a tool shed I'd stay far far away from battery powered cordless lawn mowers and string trimmers. I find they tend to be quite weak and as suck don't do as good a job and are a bit of a pita to use. But then again I may be biased because I've spent 3 summers working with commercial grade gas powered lawnmowers and string trimmers.

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  • Sun Joe Mow Joe 12-Amp 14-in Corded Electric Push Lawn Mower $69.
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Whatever kind of the lawn mower it is, get the blade sharpened every year or 2, or after hitting a rock. Lived in Florida and owed a corded electric mover for about 10 years. Moved here to Utah and brought it with me. Prior owner left a gas mower. I used it for a season but then after it sat for a few months the carb I'm sure varnished up and it would not start common problem. Went back to the electric. So the electric is about 12 years old now and never had any problems.

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As mentioned, keep the blade sharp. EveryName Premium Member join Montreal. Look in Craigs List, some good deals there. If it is small, go with an Electric or Battery. I have a battery 18 inch mulching Toro, with a 22 amp motor 24 volts. The machine will take all kinds of grass and I have had it for 8 years.

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It also helps with watering. My lawn usually can go late August before I have to start watering, while everyone else's is all ready brown. There are a couple quarks with it. The safety clips for the handles don't lock in place. But the handles really lock together tight with the base, so I've never had a problem with the handles just coming out.

The side cover is made of plastic where the bolts go through has broken. Every once in a while the whole falls off. Since it's an electric motor, I do not hose it off.

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I have cut wet grass. I think I brush it off every few years. CJ30 join USA. Myself, I've been looking at getting a Newton. They look pretty slick, but the frigging Snapper will not die so I wait. If your lawn is really small, maybe something like this will work? Need Coffee Premium Member join Limbo.

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For small lawns a plug-in electric is probably the best option for you. There's virtually no maintenance, no fuel to keep around, no oil to change or mix, no filters, nada.

Even the rechargeable mowers which can be a little more convenient require battery replacement at some point. The plug-in versions can probably go for years without anything being done to them except blade sharpening.